Friday, June 5, 2009

TMI - Potty training - chapter 42

I think there was some sort of break through today on the potty training front. Dare I say that?

Forgive me the excessive detail. Now would be the time to click away if you don't want to read way too much about #1 and #2 and the mishaps there of.

Bye! Come on back now, ya here?

Ok. So, Shea has always been sort of constipated and I swear he poops perfectly spherical "rabbit pellet" type little offerings. It isn't always but quite often.

Well, today I had him running around in "Cars" big boy pants and while I was on the phone he ran up and said, "I poop, mommy." I got off the phone immediately because O MY GOD, MY KID IS TELLING ME HE HAS TO GO POOP!!!!!

He heads over to our standard "diaper changing area" but I steer him to the bathroom instead. Reluctance, wouldn't sit down, didn't want the pants pulled down, didn't want me to just get them out. Tears. Real tears. Full blown horror-of-horror crying jag.

I just persevered and steered him next to the toilet and had him get up on the little step stool facing away from the pot, all the while screaming his head off, not struggling and fighting but definitely expressing his displeasure.

I literally rolled his rabbit poop pellets directly from him pants right into the toilet and it was over. Took 4 seconds. I kept repeating stuff like, "See, that wasn't so bad. That was really fast. It's all done now." And, we flushed it away.

We washed his hands and I put a little cool water on his face and just got him to calm down.

I wasn't really sure what had just happened.

But, later I noticed him hunkered and asked him if would like to go poop again and he said yes and trotted to the bathroom where a slightly larger, more impressive rabbit poop rolled in the pot.

He said, "That wasn't so bad. That didn't take very long." Proud high fives.

Then, as we were sitting there I noticed how I sure needed to clean that toilet, so I did. Shea sat down on the little potty seat with his underwear on and read a book while I was cleaning. Yes, you guessed it, inevitably he peed. He peed in the potty seat! Sure, his pants were sopping but he did it!

Quite a roll today. Just have to keep it going.

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