Thursday, June 11, 2009

Skate girls rock!

I have officially become a steward of the Vashon Skate Park.

Officially, because I donated some food and t-shirts for a fundraiser at the skate park today.

Officially, because I was asked to become a steward of the skate park. What does a steward do? I asked. Stick up for the park, basically.

I asked if there were any boring meetings. I was assured there was only 1 boring meeting during the year. Ok. I can handle that.

It all started when they began promoting a Girls Only skate day. Thursdays. No boys allowed.

It was the deep of winter and interest was high. It seemed like good clean fun. Seasons have changed and interest is still up there.

They are a little steadier on the skates, have taken some basic strides on the skate board and continue to be scooter aficionados.

Shea even! I know, he is a boy but he cruises around while I chat and he has gotten good at scootering.

Honestly, most of the time all the kids just run up and slide down the ramps but they are exercising, having fun, staying out of trouble and supporting a local park.

I don't get to see the big kid, hot shot skaters much but they are pretty impressive the times I have seen them.

These guys have a focus while they skate that I wonder if they give anything else in their life that much attention.

I like the idea that we can keep this little skate park going. There are not many things for teens to do on this island. And, if you aren't a real "team" sport person, the skate park can be a god send.

It is the poor step child of all the parks on Vashon and doesn't get much attention or funding. Hense, the fundraiser.

Hot dogs, corn, fruit salad and greens from my garden. Graffiti t-shirts to make. And, of course, skating a plenty. It was a success. And, the future of girl's skate day is secure. In fact, it could be an institution by now.


Bluestem said...

I am convinced Nea will be a skate punk someday. She watches the big kids go by our house with such longing. Plus she rocks the stocking cap look.

So I should probably take notes. Good for you, getting involved! I'm proud of the crosswalk I pushed for. I'll be posting a photo when it is installed.

Heidi on Vashon said...

Zachy has a sweet Sector 9 board that he's barely even touched since having a sit-in protest in the skate shop (during a Cali visit) to acquire said deck.

We'll get him down there!

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