Friday, June 19, 2009

Breakfast for dinner: Groucho Marx edition

I am pretty militant about dinner. I like for the whole family to sit down and chat about our days. During most of the year it works but then summer hits.

I am out watering plants and I notice, "Holy Cripes! It's almost 7:00!" This happened AGAIN last night and demonstrated just how it is around here during the summer.

When in doubt? Breakfast for dinner. Not cereal and toast. I haven't gotten that bad...yet. But, how about Gluten Free Waffles, sausages and fruit. Usually everyone is up for it and acts like it is some big treat.

We have really cut down on it due to Shea being allergic to eggs but a little breakfast for dinner never hurt anyone.

Last night, Molly created (and allowed me to photograph for use on my blog) her Groucho Marx edition of Breakfast for Dinner.

Why? Good question.

All the 5th graders had to pick a person and research them for "Night of the Notables" an in depth biographic report with props, time line, costumes, display board, representative foods.

The big presentation was Tuesday night and she, of course, had picked Grouch Marx because he had made so many people laugh.

I would think that Groucho has worked his way into her consciousness for good if he is ending up on her dinner plate.

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