Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today, for Father's Day, Jake is hanging with excellent neighbor and pal, Casey, who has invited him to participate in the 2009 Vashon Tidler run.

Sponsored my VME - Vintage Motorbike Enthusiasts - for over 20 years, they do a summer cruise around Vashon. Something about the ferry ride and all those beautiful country roads gets thousands of bikes on the island this week. Gotta love a little alternative economic development! Bikers no less.

Now, apparently, coming from Casey who is well connected in this circle there are 2 separate events on different weekends; one for the small bikes and scooters - today. And, the one for bigger bikes and that is later on in the summer.

Casey is a heavy. He knows all the people who run this thing so Jake gets the automatic entre into the "scene". Jake and Casey get to have a little male bonding day or a "bromance" as the they say. Two dads; feeling like hot shit. Cruising around on scooters. Priceless.

This little beauty is Jake's ride, a 1983 Honda Passport, lovingly restored and fully customized for zipping to and from the tennis court! Note the streamlined racket holder! What a life!

So, when you say Happy Father's Day over here today; it definitely is one.

Hope it is where you are too.

Update: Rare thunderclouds and rain showed up mid-day just as the Tidler cruise was ending and the bbq beginning.

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Holly said...

I love the scooters (is that the same as a motor bike) moped? We rent them when we are in Martha's Vinyard to get around, type of thing...I would love to get one for my kids, especially Nicj, since he has not taken to riding a bike and not sure he will ever drive a car (if there is a God!!!)

Glad he had a good day yesterday!!

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