Monday, June 15, 2009

Free speech! Get your free speech, right here!

Imagine traveling all around the country just to wave a "God hates fags" sign around.

Sad, lonely, hate-filled wing nutz. Glad the kids and others came out in force to show them how out numbered they are.

From the Seattle Times:

A boisterous counterprotest by hundreds of Garfield High School students and other community members voiced messages of tolerance in drowning out a small extremist group's provocative demonstration in Seattle's Central Area early today that declared President Obama is the Antichrist and that God hates homosexuals.

Waving signs reading "God hates Fags" and "God hates Obama," the group of seven people from the Topeka, Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church stood in a gravel lot behind metal barriers across the street from Garfield High for about 30 minutes this morning, chanting and singing about a vengeful God and the end of the world.

As they did, dozens of passers-by in cars and on foot filed by to honk, wave fists, wag middle fingers and shout obscenities at the small group, whose message was overwhelmed by the singing, cheers and protest chants from of the crowd of teens and others gathered across the street at the school's main entrance.

Students, teachers, parents, local church leaders, members of gay and lesbian groups and others held hands and sang songs, with many donning purple — Garfield's school color — as a sign of solidarity. Some handed out buttons reading "I am loved," others waved signs with felt-penned messages, such as "God hates Figs" and "You're not in Kansas Anymore," to counteract the church group's infamous rhetoric.

"This is an affirmation of our community's strength," said Hanna King, 15, a Garfield sophomore who organized the opposition rally, which ended about the time school started. "It has nothing to do with them; they're crazy. This is about what we believe."

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Scattered Mom said...

I have to shake my head at people who proclaim to know exactly what God is thinking or what he hates. Really? They have a direct line? Because dude, that would really come in handy. Let Him know I could really use a winning lottery ticket.

(eye roll)

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