Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doesn't matter how you do it...just do it!

I met with a new client today who I had been saying good morning to for months, we just hadn't been formally introduced yet. But, I have been smiling and saying hello to this friendly, happy face just because she was a friendly, happy face.

Today, when I visited her house for our meeting and she opened her door, we recognized each other immediately and felt like we already sort of knew each other and proceeded to have an excellent meeting.

Great ice breaker by the way and one of the good sides of living in a small town.

She has a little girl, maybe 31/2, who chattered and flitted around as we talked business. At one point, we were outside and the girl whipped down her panties and had a perfectly acceptable potty right there in the driveway.

I, naturally pro-potty, cheered and congratulated her while her mother was mortified at her kid. I just had to laugh.

I explained that my kid hasn't gotten the hang of pulling down his underwear yet so that is our summer project.

She admitted that her husband and son get to pee outside all the time and the little girl must be feeling jealous. Who can blame her?

What is the good of living in the country if you can't pee outside when you want to?

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jonsmom said...

LOL!! It's great deer protection, too!

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