Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Potty update: the penny has dropped

In the last 4 days, Shea has gone from 0 to about 35 MPH on the potty training front.

He had some huge successes over the weekend and he is very proud of himself.

For example: he is going into the bathroom and sitting and peeing on the little potty chair WITHOUT being prompted. I will go into the bathroom and there is a little bit of bizness that needs to be poured into the big potty. Evidence that he went in by himself!

When we say, "Now Shea. Don't pee all over the couch, ok?" He doesn't, or at least, so far.

He is still flummoxed by the pulling down the pants part and that can get a little messy although adorable as he sits there with sopping pants.

But basically I feel like we are really on our way.

It got me thinking. I have always been so low key and mellow with him about the continued diaper use and I really tried not to get crabby about it. Maybe I should've been a little crabbier sooner!

When I started getting a little crabby with him about him not cooperating and saying something like, "Ok fine. You can put the diaper on yourself then." And, then walking away. He started getting the idea that I would be happy if he did this potty business and I wouldn't be as happy if he continued with the diapers.

Shea needed to see the down side of the continued diaper use, perhaps waiting to see what the direct consequence was going to be before he was going to try.

When we had that final major melt down recently and I just basically MADE him do it, screaming and crying all the way, afterward it was like the penny dropped. He finally got it. This wasn't so bad and mommy really, really wants me to do it. OK!


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