Friday, June 26, 2009

Your voice does matter

You all know my political leanings. I haven't been shy about expressing myself.

So, my personal views on Health Care Reform won't surprise anyone. I believe Single Payer or Universal Health Care is what we need, but if that is all "over the top" (and believe me that is what they want you to think) we should at least get a Public Option.

I am watching my representatives and Senators very closely on this one. And, it's easy to do. is a great site where you can put in your zip code and give you easy contact information.

And, believe it or not, contacting them does matter.

Thom Hartman was saying that a fax sent to your rep or senator equals 1000 voices. A phone call equals 500. Go down to their local home office and you equal something like 5,000 people. And, BTW an e-mail doesn't count for much anymore. It is just too easy to do it.

The point is clear. Most people don't make contact. Of course, there are some barriers. It takes time. You have to have access to a fax machine or a stamp. You have to care enough about something to have an opinion and want to share it.

Well, Health Care Reform is something I care enough about to have an opinion about. I am sick and tired watching American families getting pummeled by these huge companies that are literally rolling in wealth. CEOs that make a BILLION $ a year? Come on!

My premiums go up 20% each year. I don't get anything more. In fact, I am getting less and less but paying more and more. That my friends, is called a "hosing".

I would encourage you to keep your ears peeled during this debate. You will hear all sorts of scary things about "socialized medicine" and why we should trust the Insurance Companies to "regulate" themselves.

But, in actuality our Fire Department is socialized. Are our houses worth more than our health? Hell NO!

They will talk about "triggers" and work to water down the bill so that it won't change anything and resembles the nightmare we have now! Even good Democrats are trying to do this!

Well, I am speaking up this time. I am sending faxes!

Raise your voice!

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