Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday, Jake!

I always hated all the "Over the hill" stuff for 50th Birthdays. I always thought it was cruel and not very funny.

Does it become funny when you are past 50 and then do it to your younger friends? Is it just plain old not funny?

We have been trying to spoil Jake over the past weekend and today, the actual day. But, I did not get him a cake. We had chocolate ice cream with a candle stuck in it.

I asked him if he wanted a cake but he was ambiguous. And, it is not as much fun to have birthday cake when Shea can't even eat it. Why should we get a big old cake if it is just going to torment Shea and he won't be able to eat any? That isn't fun.

He seemed a little sad about it.

Maybe I should have gotten one anyway.

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