Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last week of school: Hurray? or Help!

Well, I can hardly believe it but here we are. Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago we were all snowed in? Wow, time does really fly as you get older.

Shea is almost done already. Just has 2 more days in the morning pre-school, one which is a party. I am actually glad about that because school is interfering with the bold and herculean strides he is making in the potty training department.

Even though, the thought of his princeliness with nothing to do but hassle me about playing on the computer all day is a scary prospect. Quickly and with plenty of forethought, I signed him up for the first session of swim lessons at the pool. I usually don't in June because our normal weather is rainy and bleak but not this year. We are in the full swing of summer and swim lessons are just what he needs.

I sign him up for 2 times, back to back; 10 & 10:30, so he has a solid hour in the pool with the instructor. Who are all terrific Vashon High School kids. The nicest teenagers in the world. He thrashes around for an hour without his floaty vest during the lesson. Then, afterwards I strap him into his vest and armed with a kickboard he is happy and pretty self-suffient.

He doesn't like to get his face wet so he is still in the basic class. Maybe this year he will feel comfortable enough to blow bubbles.

Miss Molly? What is she doing this summer? Staying up late and sleeping until noon? Probably, unless I do something about it.

Tennis camps mostly and a rocking Art Camp where they will do basketweaving, glass blowing, copper work and other stuff. Cool!

Right after school is out Jake and Molly head to upstate New York to see his parents for a week. They always have a great time despite the quite rigorous airplane ride and are treated like the prodigal son and his darling offspring. Molly comes back with stories of catching fireflys in a jar, skating in a real hockey rink, daisy chains and knitting with her Nanny. Jake comes back, fully caught up on the family dramas, and about as happy to be back home as anyone in the world could be.

I convince myself that I will take the kids to the beach, right down the hill, as many times as I can this summer.

Yet, come fall, I will wonder why I didn't do it more. Time sure does fly, doesn't it?


jonsmom said...

I'll admit, I'm dreading summer a bit. I haven't signed dd up for any camps (stupid economy), and ds's ESY is only 4hrs/day, 4days/week, without typical peers. Neither of them swim, and I'm reluctant to take them to the pool by myself because I can't stay with both of them.

Thanks for your post. It's helping to change my attitude!

Shea's Mom said...

Wow! Your ESY is 4 hours for 4 days a week!?

We are 2 days, 1.5 hours a day and then only for 4 weeks out of the summer.

Hang in there.

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