Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Vashon Sunset: summer cocktail extraordinaire

Since it is summer and all, I need to share with you a very special hot weather refreshing beverage.

This one is guaranteed to cool you down during those dusty dry hot summer days.

The Vashon Sunset - my very own creation

Over ice, pour:

Healthy jigger of good quality Tacquila
large splash of Orange Juice
medium splash of Paul Newman's Lemon aid, Pink Lemon-aid or Lime aid
small splash Pomegranate juice
sprig of mint if handy

Add a straw, give it a stir:

Oh, baby!

1 comment:

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Oh yum-my!! Btw, not summer where I am, all rainy and cold this week. Ugh!!!!!!!!

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