Sunday, June 14, 2009

Half way through allergy hell

I haven't posted yet about my own personal allergy struggle. I haven't yet mentioned it despite my house filling up with used Kleenex perhaps because I am getting used to my annual hay fever hell. Or that I don't want to whine too much.

I can seriously say that I don't think I was allergic to anything until I turned 40. Ever since then June hits with itchy, scratchy throat and nose and the most annoying tickle right back there almost in your ears. Raucous rounds of explosive sneezing, not in ones or twos but tens and twelves.

Kleenex at the ready, I arm myself in May. Do I have enough? I stash more fresh boxes of kleenex for the miserable month of June because lord help me if I need to resort to toilet paper, my nose already raw and painful by mid month.

And, then Jake gets it too. At first not so bad but now he is in full allergy swing too. Isn't that sweet? We have allergies in common! Ugh. But, I do share the Kleenex with him.

If I didn't live on 5 acres on an island with vegetation bursting forth from every inch, I might try to discern what the heck I am allergic too for all of June each year. I think I have narrowed it down to grasses but, quite honestly, it could be anything.

I fear and wonder if it is the big sprawling old Locust trees we have here. Planted? Or just sprung up like vigorous weeds some 50 - 60 years ago, now they give our property needed and appreciated shade in the summer. Now is the time when they blossom, large pea flower tight clumps that smell quite sweet then gently "snow" down on us as they fade.

What would I do if I found out I was allergic to the Locust trees? Or all the Scotch broom or all the grasses that go un-mowed on our little island?

Nothing. Just grab more Kleenex.

Perhaps it is the price for living in paradise.

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Scattered Mom said...

Jake, Hubs, and I all have really bad allergies too. Between the three of us, sometimes we joke that we should be in a bubble.

We go through antihistamines all spring and into early summer, which seem to keep it at bay somewhat.

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