Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Female plumbing maintenance: necessary evils

Sorry male readers, you may want to just move on along for now.

I will admit this to the rest of you brave folks with chagrin and more than a little bit of shame. I haven't had an annual exam since Shea was born! And, by Annual Exam you know exactly what I mean. The old Pap. Stirrup trip. The female equivalent of "turn your head and cough".

I am only admitting this to you because I went and got it over with today. And, it was as pleasant as I remember. No results back yet, of course, so let's just say, if I don't mention anything then everything is just fine.

But, this is a perfect example of one of the down sides of small town living. How well do you want to know the person who has to come face to face with your yester-regions? In a town of 10,000, chances are you may know them pretty well.

Oh sure. I have a doctor. And, she is just fine but I didn't get my tookus over and see her for 5 years did I? Why? Frankly, I don't know. All I can say in my defense is I crave a little anonymity sometimes. Especially during a Pap.

So, a week or so ago, this interesting little article popped up in our local rag, The Beachcomber. A new Women's Health Clinic is opening up! A gal with 24 years experience as an RN who volunteers with Planned Parenthood is opening up a solo practice right here on Vashon. And, I don't know her!!! Hurray!

Well, I felt like it was devine intervention. The Almighty in all her wisdom really wants me to get my pap so I gave her a call. And, surprise, surprise she is wonderful and answers her own phone and got me right in.

Today was the day. And, it was very annoying but not all that bad and whew! am I glad it's over. I would recommend it to anyone.

But, it sort of got me thinking. Molly is kind of getting to that age. She had "health" class this year which is what they call Sex Ed these days. She is probably too young now but I thought I would take her to the Women's Health Clinic in a year or two. Let her establish a good healthy relationship with a nurse so she can become familiar with the long term care and maintenance of her female parts.

And, while they are at it? Blow wide the doors for appropriate birth control access. Let her have a safe and hopefully not too embarrassing access to information and birth control. I guess the theory being; make it available and not taboo before she needs it, so it will just become a natural part of it.

I remember it well. My mom grabbed me and drove me to Planned Parenthood when I was 14 years old. Sigh. I was always in such a rush to grow up. But, it was a very, very smart thing for her to do. I wish we had a Planned Parenthood on the island but somehow I think our new Women's Health Clinic will work.

Sometimes, a smart mother, will just let her kid have free access to talk with their own doctor. You know, a little anonymity. What a novel idea!


Holly Nappi Collins said...

hey, I liked your story. I had the very same story when I started back at my family doctor. I haven't been in like seven years!! so I decided to go to a family doctor (just for me and not in the same town either.. and a woman doctor, too)so she could take care of all of me all at once..

good plan. and your daughter is still young yet, but it's good to be thinking about it for her.

good mom!!

Scattered Mom said...

I think it's fantastic to have open, honest relationships with our kids and be able to discuss things like health, sex, etc with our teens. I grew up very much in a "you don't need to know because you won't do that until you are married." home. The thing is, I became sexually active BEFORE I was married, and had no idea really how birth control worked, or even what a Pap smear WAS. Seriously. Never even heard of one until I met Hubs and decided I wanted to go on the pill.

I was TERRIFIED when the doc (a male doc, by the way) pulled out what looked like some strange garden tool.

"You're putting that WHERE?!?!"

Just a tad traumatic. But on the other hand, might make a fantastic blog post. LOLOL.

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