Thursday, June 25, 2009

I don't entertain

Not very often. Something about my messy, cluttered, dust bunny house?

But today I had some good friends over and at one point I thought, "this is pretty much perfect"; 2 excellent gal pals, some toothsome tidbits and cool beverages. Later some other neighbors stumbled over. We laughed, we kvetched and repeatedly marveled at Shea.

He talks all of the time. You can't always understand what he is saying but he sure is talking a lot these days. My GGF said, "You should get some audio of Shea. His speech has exploded. It will be hard to remember." She is right. I should.

I just don't see the huge strides over weeks and months, I am way too close. But, it seems everyone this summer is commenting on Shea and his willingness to pipe right up.

We are starting something new. There is a speech therapist who lives on Vashon but she works off island at the Port Orchard School District. She has the summer free and can come to my home on Mondays.

Also, she happens to be getting her Behavioral Therapy certification and would like to help Shea with the potting training this summer - for free. She is planning a long day where we sort of just hover over him the whole day and keep reinforcing the message. She says we may need the next day also.

Now, this I gotta see!

I will faithfully report back!

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Holly said...

Oh hey, how perfect!! And only other people (those outside the home) are the best people to tell you how your kids are speech. they can see the difference in our kids more easily than we (the parents) can.... good when the kids are doing well, and bad when they are not but we imagine they are...

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