Monday, June 15, 2009

Potty training euphoria

Shea has gotten the potty down for both #1 & #2!

Although, he is still confused by the underpants variable.

Doesn't get the peep hole. Doesn't get how easy they can come down. Just doesn't get it.

So he is the pantless wonder, running around with bare tush, etc. and I really don't care. I haven't changed a diaper in a week.

Give him some time and those underpants may not be so darn confusing.

Euphoria indeed!


Bluestem said...

The Underpants Variable -- hot new band outta Seattle! That's what I heard, anyway.

Congrats on the progress! It's a happy time.

mark said...

OMG, this is awesome! Wow! I like the hot new band idea too... ;-)

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