Monday, July 6, 2009

Potty training: but don't jinx it!

I am reluctant to even mention how good the potty training is going.

Just when I start bragging, Shea will have a relapse.

But the direction is good. Improvements are being made. The last 2 weeks have been pivotal.

Underwear aren't totally disturbing and automatically ignored. He is flirting with the concept of keeping underwear on, around his ankles during a potty trip. Although, he is still taking them completely off before, he is having fewer and fewer accidents.

We even took the potty chair with us for a little dinner gathering at a friends house the other night.

I feel like I am tip toeing through eggshells, quietly nurturing this new attitude and aptitude.

But inside I am yodeling from the tallest peak!

"He's potty training! He's potty training!" Hurrah!

Have I bought my last Costco size box of Pull ups? Well, maybe not.

But Hurrah anyway!

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