Friday, July 10, 2009

Good day

Shea and I had the nicest day together on our big city Friday-go-to-see Bubble. We weren't tempted to pummel each other once! And, lately that is a big improvement.

He was sweet tempered all day. Saying please and thank you and being particularly compliant and easy to be around. And, I dragged him all over heck to boot. Well, the paint store and Costco. But believe me that is enough with all the road work happening in SODO. Sheesh.

Got to Madrona in plenty of time to walk in the trail park; a little neighborhood pocket park with some sweet trails planted with NW natives and sporting breathtaking views of Lake Washington.

Bubble is blown away at Shea's reading. Aren't we all.

It was hot but all the ferries behaved. Beautiful, blue skied summer day in the NW.

Lucky, lucky life.

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