Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Breaking News! Glacier told to stop work on dock

Wow, some damn good news finally!

Glacier; like a cockroach on a wedding cake!

From the Beachie:

Public Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark said he has “grave concerns” about the environmental impact of Glacier Northwest’s barge-loading facility off of Maury Island and asked the corporation on Tuesday to “cease operations” until several questions can be answered.

The corporation’s 305-foot pier would extend over a state-owned aquatic reserve, governed by a management plan crafted by the state Department of Natural Resources in 2004. Late last year, Goldmark’s predecessor Doug Sutherland issued Glacier a 30-year lease to the aquatic reserve, giving the corporation one of the last green lights it needed to begin building the controversial pier.

But Goldmark, in a two-page letter to Glacier issued late Tuesday, said his staff has carefully reviewed the lease and determined the company “has not submitted sufficient information to demonstrate lease compliance.”

One of DNR’s highest priorities is protection of Puget Sound, Goldmark told Glacier in his letter, adding, “I have grave concerns about how your dock and gravel-loading operation may affect the health of Puget Sound and (the Maury Island Environmental Aquatic) Reserve.”

In a statement issued to the press, the newly elected commissioner said it’s not clear “how or if (Glacier) will implement and monitor actions to ensure compliance within the existing lease. I have asked the company to cease operations on the site until these questions are answered.”

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