Friday, July 3, 2009

ESY - Extended School Year

They changed the name.

It is really "Summer school" but that had too many connotations or someone decided to call it something else. But, ESY is Summer School.

I don't have a lot of experience with ESY except to know to officially ask for it at your IEP meeting. Especially when they are little. Insist.

I don't know how much they HAVE to legally offer. In fact, if there are any legal types out there be sure to let me know. Of course,what they do end up offering isn't much.

But Shea starts his next week.

For 2 weeks in July & August, they meet 9:00 - 10:30 Tues & Thurs. 12 hours total. Not much time but appreciated anyway.

We are really missing out beloved "Laurie's Playground" or Shea OT once a week. Maybe that is one of the problems with the hitting and acting out.

We've have a great Summer School teacher who likes to focus on social skills only all summer. It helped a lot last year and we are fortunate to have her again. She is also the gal who happens to live down the street from me with horses and a barn and does therapeutic riding with special kids. Shea might like it now

Summer is a scrum. Lots to do in a very long day. But it is warm, hot even (sorry Holli) and we are having fun.

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Holly said...

No that's not a long time for summer school, is it on his IEP? Typically summer school is about 4 hours or more.. but perhaps because he isn't in grade school yet...or the school doesn't feel he needs more.. hard to say..

and happily warm here now!! Yay

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