Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Potty talk: an apology

I dearly hope this will be the last time that I apologize for being potty training obsessed. I know that I will read back some day and think, "Sheesh, Shell, too much potty talk! How over the top mommy can you get?".

In fact, all this detail may bite me someday if Shea ever reads back.

But I am euphoric because for 2 solid years I have been twitting about this and probably longer. I genuinely felt I was going to be searching out larger and larger pull ups for my kid. I mean he's 5+!

So, now that it is happening? I want every post to be a potty post. I want to give excruciating detail, like:

Today, I took Shea to the city in big boy pants. He peed at Bubbles. AND, he pooped in the restroom at TARGET!!!!

See what I mean?

Oh well, I know you are all a forgiving bunch. And, I want all those other twitting mothers (and dads) out there who are so very worried that their kid will never get it; to just hang in there.


deirdre said...

Graduating to the Big Boy pants cannot be overstated!!! It's so great! What a life changer. And a public restroom no less - wow! I hope you rewarded you Big Boy with picking out some cool Batman or Cars briefs in the boys dept!

Anonymous said...

Great job to the both of you!!! Stay the course.

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