Monday, July 6, 2009

Side ways compliments

This week is tennis camp for Molly. This will be her third year and despite her lack of athletic interest, she is hanging in there with tennis so far.

She over heard one of the other kids at the camp today say, "Molly isn't half bad."

Molly thought it was rude, was kind of embarrassed and was getting ready to be annoyed but I called it a sideways compliment and that seemed to defuse it for the time being.

Sometimes in life there is a lot of those. You know, sideways compliments? You sort of sit back and say, "hmmm...".

It's good to let some of that stuff just roll right off.


Anonymous said...

Tell Molly that she should take it as a full compliment, the person that gave it to her had obviosly under estimated her (who knows why) but she really showed them that she is a player and was noticed. You are right there are a lot of "sideways compliments in life", I have had my fair share of them I might add. It is just that sometimes some people are cluless on how to give a compliment and that we should take any compliemnt we get because very few in life are handed out. Annonymous :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh - yiddish folks know all compliments are meant to be "sideways". "My enemy should play as bad as Molly. " "Molly'sa backswing will surely knock out someone's teeth someday". Maybe that's why I remeber my mom saying "You'll never be as pretty as your sister. Good thing you're smart" Boy am I glad for that now. I hope you all have a half decent week. Hope to see you soon, before you get any older.

Shea's Mom said...




Holly said...

I would have taken this as a compliment and smiled. I guess it all depends on how it was said, the tone... In life it seems to be harder than easier to pull compliments from people...

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