Monday, July 20, 2009

Super Spud!

Man alive! These fingerling spuds are almost without parallel. I feel that I have been blind but now I can see! Ok. Admittedly over the top

We are talking a potato flavor so mild, delicious and creamy that it seems like a different thing all together.

Molly dug me up a good handsome pile yet she wants nothing to do with my GGF's super easy roasted potatoes. Huh? Kids and their palettes are so weird.

But she did show interest in my family famous mashed. She was on a mission and did it all herself. Watching Molly actually peeling potatoes hit me hard tonight and I had to take a picture. Look at that concentration. She says she wants to be a chef when she grows up; a pastry chef. And/or a writer. And/or an artist. And/or maybe a veterinarian.

For the first time, I thought, "she could be a chef". For not the first time, I thought, "she could do anything she really wants to do."

And the mashed? Sublime! And, mighty filling. That is all she had for dinner.


Casdok said...

Yes she really could do anything!! Great post!

deirdre said...

Yum! Say it with me: I LOVE FRESH FINGERLINGS!!!

Can't believe she peeled 'em, tho - what's to peel?? Anyway, can't wait to try your Family Famous Mashed!


Holly said...

They do seem to grow up overnight!! I read your other post on how to make mashed pototoes, I didnt realize that you could mash them with the skins on...

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