Saturday, July 18, 2009


I don't have much of a relationship with my father. In fact, I would probably admit to no relationship and some might even say we are estranged. Although, that term seems to connote some sort of cataclysmic occurrence which breaks the relationship or puts it under severe stress. That isn't what happened. We just drifted physically and emotionally apart and neither of us seemed to care enough to stop it.

I know. Save this stuff for the shrink couch! I don't mean to be whiney, it really is just what it is but it does make me sad for what might have been. We all have our own side of the story and I am sure he does too although I have never heard it. All you can do is shrug.

My point is I always wanted to make sure that my kids had a father, someone physically and emotional available and approachable who could openly profess all that unconditional love that parents are supposed to dump on their kids.

Well. Jake is a committed, loving dad. He is there for the kids. Physically and emotionally. He doesn't hover but encourages them to reach. I look at Molly and Jake and I see pals. And, I am so very grateful.

Sometimes the best therapy is just seeing the pattern change and creating a very different reality for the next generation.


Henry's mom said...

What a great picture of Molly and her dad.

I can totally relate to what you are saying about not having a great relationship with a parent. For me it is with my mom and it makes me so sad that we just do not get along and I want so badly for that to NEVER happen with Henry and I.

I love reading your posts you are such a gifted writer.

Holly said...

You are obviously more bothered by it than you thought, so why not try to reconnect, it might be the best thing you've done. And besides, men are the worse people to keep connections, not sure why that is...

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