Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Whiner warning!

I read yesterday that we are currently in the midst of a record breaking 5 day forecast. Apparently it hasn't been this hot since 1981.

What the heck was I doing in 1981? Lord knows. I don't particularly remember it being really hot but I am sure it must have been.

Supposedly the forecast if for 100 degrees tomorrow! And, in case you don't know, the entire NW melts a little bit and a slows to a gooy pace at high temps. Due to the usual maritime weather, no one has air conditioning. We just suffer.

Last night we used a combination of multiple fans, frozen ice packs and bags of ice wrapped in dishtowels to cool down for sleep. Wet wash cloths on a forehead or on a bare belly helps too. Some where in the night it cools down but not a lot.

I feel for the kids upstairs, I remember many a hot night when our bedroom was up there. But, now we are on the northern, shady side of the house and our bedroom stays pretty cool. Thankfully.

Not much we can do but whine and hang at the pool.


Anonymous said...

I love my house. My new mantra. Never over 80 here and so cool last night I wore a sweat shirt. C'mon over to camp if need be.


Holly said...

We may reach 90 in the coming days, but since we've had a cool summer in the NE, I will not complain!!

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