Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Middle aged dads pose nude for calendar to raise money for local schools

I love this! Remember when I was trying to recently rattle this community about creative school district fund raising ideas?

I think this counts as one!

$20 a pop? I am down for one. Anyone else? Place your orders!

From the Vashon Beachcomber:

When Islander Scott Benner had his portrait taken last month, he didn’t spend much time deciding what to wear. After all, his outfit consisted of a red bow tie, a tweed hat and nothing more.

He’s one of 12 Island dads and professionals who shed their suits and posed nude for an Island cause this summer.

Dubbed “the DreamBoats,” the men are featured in the pages of a 2010 calendar that will be sold at $20 a pop to benefit the Vashon Island School District. (A launch party is planned for Sept. 3.)

Each photo shows a different Island man in the buff, with an accessory or two representing his interests and conveniently covering his personal areas. The photos were taken outdoors by Island photographer Rebecca Douglas and show off not only the beauty of the male models, but of Vashon Island.

The men, and a trio of women who are “producing” the calendar, are hoping to raise $10,000 for a school system that has struggled mightily to forego layoffs this year and even put out a plea to parents to help keep a few teachers on staff.

“It’s nice to have this as a fun way to support the schools in an otherwise dreary financial environment for the district,” said Benner, 43, a financial planner and lawyer. “It was a lot of fun, actually. ... I haven’t done something like that before, and probably won’t again.”

Organizers point out, however, that the school district had nothing to do with the idea and doesn’t endorse the project in any way.

The calendar “was a really organic idea that came out of an unusual, creative bunch of morning banter on the way to work one day,” said Scott Harris, 38, one of the men who will grace the pages of the calendar.

He and others who ride the Vashon-Seattle passenger-only ferry came up with the idea of a “Real Men of Vashon” calendar at first as a joke, and then the idea gathered momentum when the commuters and friends realized they had a marketable idea."


Kris said...

Thank you for sharing our story! We are so excited about the press we've received, and believe it will translate to even greater sales. Hence, we are increasing the number of calendars we are printing! I am going to post a link to our blog on our Facebook Page: Vashon DreamBoats.
(Feel free to join us there!)

Anonymous said...

Did you see my man on the front page? Does he look fine or what? We are planning another one for middle aged moms doing their least favorite chore around the house. You know the laundry basket, vacuume big dust cloth...:)
Mark your calendar - Sept. 3rd at Cafe Luna. Be there - or Be sqaure.

Love ya Shell. xoxo,

Holly said...

Great Idea!!

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