Friday, July 31, 2009

HP and the hurd of teenie boppers

I caught the latest Harry Potter a bit ago and was one of the oldest people there. I forgot that the 7:00 PM show on Saturday night was probably the best time for teens to catch the movie with a date. And, that is exactly what it was.

The entire theater was filled with giggling, gum popping, cooler than cool, hand holding, blushing, goofing teens and it was one of the cutest things I have seen in a while.

As the lights dimmed and the previews rolled, peals of screams ala Beatles erupted when the Twilight sequel trailer was shown. Literally screaming and swooning especially when darling Jacob AKA the werewolf had his shirt off. Except for the high pitched shrieks too close to my ear, I felt like I was getting a very entertaining peak view into the lives and habits of the Vashon teen.

So, yes, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was good. Very, very good. As good as the rest. They keep on cranking out excellent flicks. Can you say, "Cash Cow"? I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it or read the book.

But, because of all the young throbbing hormones in the theater and all the young throbbing hormones in the movie, I sure felt smuggly "been there, done that" old. Not old in a bummer kind of way but old in a "thank god I don't have to live through all that again" way.

At least something comes with age.


Anonymous said...

Drive-Ins were also fun as a teenager...

Shea's Mom said...

Funny you should mention drive-ins! During this heat wave, I have been craving a drive-in movie. It totally says summer time to me and they are hard to find these days.

See what I mean? I'm a geezer!


Bluestem said...

That video is HYSTERICAL. What's with the unexplained Dumbledore strip?!?

Shea's Mom said...

I know. You should really go and check them all. A brother and sister team did it and their mom made all the puppets!

Very funny!

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