Monday, July 27, 2009

Boxers or briefs?

Jake has a great story about one of my favorite writers, Kurt Vonnegut. While Jake was in college at Tufts, Vonnegut came to speak and somehow it was arranged that a bunch of college kids (Jake included) would get to have dinner with him.

Now, Kurt Vonnegut is a cult hero, even at that time in the early 80's. Slaughterhouse 5 blew everyone's socks off but all his books are a great read. Plus he was such rye, funny fellow whose social commentary was wonderfully irreverent and deliciously kooky. Needless to say, he was adored by the college kid circuit.

I am sure the kids were a bit little dazzled by this special dinner guest. So, inevitably during the evening most of the kids were asking asked him all sorts of heavy literary questions perhaps attempting to make a good impression. Vonnegut took it in stride and chatted the kids up despite the academic, somewhat dry conversation.

When there was a minor lull in the conversation, Jake pipes up, " I have a question for you Mr. Vonnegut; boxers or briefs?"

With a sparkle in his eyes and without missing a beat, he said "Now that is a good questions; briefs, of course!" Needless to say, everyone thought it was hilarious and that little ice breaker completely swept out the stodginess for the rest of the evening.

I love that story.

And, it sort of got me thinking; how does a guy decide between boxers or briefs?

Is it a family thing? Dad wore boxers, so son wears boxers? Or Dad wore boxers so I wear briefs?

Is it a learned thing? Boxers are hipper then briefs?

Or is it a genuine personal instinct and preference? Which one just feels best?

I actually can't believe I am thinking about this right now. But I am raising a boy who is on the cusp of making his decision. Can anyone fill me in?

Shea doesn't seem to care that much right now. I have a good sampling at the ready. Do I just keep a good variety of both on hand until he says something about it to me?

Strangely, women don't have this complication. Oh yes, there are plenty of options in the undergarment department but they are all just panties. Thong or no thong? Sorry, not comparable.



Anonymous said...

Men do get lots of choices...There is Boxer briefs also, kind of a longer brief, kind of like sliding shorts work in baseball. Also for the older college boy trying to be cool at the kegger by wiping off his trousers to jump in the pool with his (that is so nasty but he thinks it is cool) Banana hamock, (man thong...barf specially when he is cold...Ha, Ha)..Smitch

deirdre said...

I was going to mention the boxer briefs too. They seem to offer the best of both and have gained a loyal following 'round here.

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