Tuesday, May 26, 2009

GGF and her snazzy camera

Gal pal, Deirdre, came over with her sooper-cool, expensive, intimidates the heck out of me camera and took some pictures around the old homestead yesterday.

Darling kid shots and the near unveiling of Jake's newest little building: the garden shed/kid's playhouse/chicken closet intimately snuggled next to the gardn. Obviously we are packing a lot in a 6x12 space.

See that building? The top is a deck! Or it is going to be! We will be able to check out the garden and Mt. Rainier and the fireworks on the 4th (hopefully).

Welcome to King County, where you do not need any building permits for a structure 200 sq. ft. or under. Hence the continued perfecting of the science and art of small buildings.

That's Jake alright and he does a mean little building. Do you want one? That can be arranged.

And, wow! Look at how cool the garden looks from the heights! Sweet! Also, just to be clear, it is COMPLETELY deer fenced because nothing would survive without the 7 ft. fence to keep bambi and her relatives out.

Thanks for documenting it, gal pal.
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