Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heroin on Vashon

There was an interesting article in today Vashon Beachcomber, our little home town paper, about the unprecedented selling and use of heroin on Vashon.

And, apparently it's cheap! Very cheap! When the hell did heroin get cheap! I remember stories about low-lifes stealing to maintain their habit because it was expensive and hard to get!

Don't get me wrong. I have never, ever been into hard drugs like that. I can't even handle a tetnus shot. The thought of actually shooting up drugs into my body was the biggest turn off ever. And, for the record, I have smoked my share of wacky-tabacky but have never, ever been tempted to do anything so ludicrous. I still feel that way.

But, I thought heroine was wicked expensive! Apparently not.

Then I remembered.

Remember when the Bush administration moved their focus from Afghanistan to Iraq after 9-11. They proceeded to preemptively attack Iraq even though it was Al-qaeeda who hit the twin towers. It was Afghanistan who harbored Osama. Afghanistan; where all the training camps were located.

Remember that? Bush and all his war criminal buddies took their eyes off of Afghanistan so that Bush could whoop Sadam's ass cuz he "tried to kill my daddy."


Well, right after we blew them to pieces then left, Afghanistan had a record crop of poppy, one of the only cash crops they could grow. And, I guess it keeps on coming. Apparently, one of the only good things those Al-qaeda crazies did was discourage poppy growing.

And, for those that need me to explain: Poppy equals Herion.

So, now we know why it is so cheap.

And, why you don't have to be a scum bag looser hanging out in the dark dank streets of a big city to find it, get and shoot it up. You can be a stupid lost high school kid and get it right here in our bucolic little Vashon Island!

Hello rehab, nice to see you emergency room. Hope you don't die getting hooked on this stupid drug.


See, our countries political decision do effect day to day life, don't they?

And another damn good reason why I despise Bush and all his war criminal buddies.

Thanks a hell of a lot, creeps!


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not Heroin is cheaper than the pharmaceuticals that are opiate based that our teenagers are now becoming addicted to. Pharmaceuticals is where the kids (Athletes, Cheerleaders, ASB presidents, band members, straight A students, it does not matter) start (These may be stupid kids for trying it but by no means are lost when they try it for the 1st time, they become truly stupid and lost once it has the hold) and then because of the high cost of the hydrocodones and the oxycotins (And easily get addicted to)they migrate to heroin they usually do not start at heroin, it is very scary to hear your child tell you that they used Heroin (Either snorting or by needle), but in the big picture none of the opiates (Pills,Opium or Herion) are very pretty and they all have the power to kill just the same. Politics or not the parents, grandparents, family friends need to start with locking up their meds and getting rid of the unused medications that linger in our medicine cabinents to aid in stopping the 1st easy part of the opiate based addictions ripping through our schools, that will help the kids to not travel to the next easily attainable drug because no one really wants to use the needle, the addiction wants a fix and does not care, it overrides everything else in the mind, it is a vampire that needs to be fed. I do not argue that Bush was and is a criminal, we need to fight what we can at home and in our community and keep the kids from taking the next step. You have hit somthing that I am very passionate about and we need to take the easy addictive things away. PS we have not left Afghanistan by any means, we definetely do not have the amount of soldiers there as we have in Iraq (We need all our soldiers to come home). It is basically called a closed war, not much for jouranistic information is allowed to come out as to what is going on, we fly nightly missions out of a country called Turkmenistan (In exchange for US Built Goods and aid the US in getting our feet into an ex russian patriate country) being Turkey will no longer allow us to fly missions into Afghanistan any longer (They do not want to support the US in attacking another muslim country I applaude them for taking a stand against big brother)Your annonymous friend :)

Shea's Mom said...

Great comment, thanks!

Excellent point about getting the old pharma out of our medicine cabinets. I guess that is the new starter drug?

God, I am such a dinosaur.

I appreciate your perspective.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Blame Bush - isn't that getting old? Time to find a new mantra. I'll tell ya again, stick to the kid stories.

Shea's Mom said...

Oh brother!

All politics is local, buddy.

Shea's Mom said...

PS - I find it interesting that a lurking republican is even reading my stupid little blog.

Maybe you shouldn't be so anonymous and we can have a real debate.

What ya hiding for?

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