Monday, May 4, 2009

Popsicle season

Even though it is still quite chilly here and we are a good 3+ week to Memorial day, it is officially popsicle season.

Although Molly has been downing Popsicles with dazzling skill from age 2, it has taken Shea a bit longer to get into the groove.

I think his low tone mouth and tongue issue makes it hard to deal with something so frozen and cold. "What the heck? How do I deal with this?" has been his reaction up until lately.

Molly doesn't mind, in fact she likes it that he doesn't finish his, because that means she gets to finish his too. Of course.

But, this year Shea gets it. I have no idea if it is because he is gaining more control over his mouth. Or maybe he has just figured out how to tackle it. Whatever the reason, he is clearly on the band wagon.

I get Scribblers, a fruit juice sweetened crayon/pencil shaped pop. They aren't too big so it doesn't end up being such a mess. They combine 3 different colors/flavors per pop and there are multiple color combinations. One of the fun things for the kids to do is compare and match up who has a pop with similar color combinations. I have heard long discussions and trading sessions due to this.

Suddenly, Shea is there. It is the first thing he says, "Red on top, green middle, orange bottom" he recites to me. It is all about the color combination and naming them apparently. More so than the treat itself.

Maybe it is the fact that I am so thankful that warm weather is near; but I see my kids and popsicles is one of the cutest things about summer.

Memories on a stick.

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