Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My new I-pod or thank god my kid can figure it out for me

Ok. Molly's brand spanking new Nano arrived today complete with jumping and shouting and many thank you hugs.

To review: Molly earned money to buy this contraption by playing her violin or busking.

She has been plugged in ever since except for the "no I-pod at the dinner table" rule. She did take some time out to set up my new I-pod or her old Shuffle.

Am I excited? Yes. Am I jumping around hugging and shouting? Not yet. But, I am very thankful that she could set it up for me and teach me how to do it.

On, Off...check.
Ok. Good to go. I think.

Now, how do you download a song? She was proud to teach me how and I was very thankful my kid can help me with this 21st century apparatus.

So, I downloaded my first song.

What was it?

Yellow by Coldplay



Anonymous said...

If Molly has a tendancy to listen to her music a little loud and you continue to have to ask her to turn it down so she does not blow out her ear drums, Apple has a free program on the Ipod site you can down loud that places a volume limiter on her Ipod. We ended up doing that to my oldest boys one night while he was asleep he had no idea. (When he was younger he had a lot of ear issues that later on caused his ear drums to have to be replaced and did not want his new ear drums ruined). As he has gotten older he has of course figured that out and taken it back off. Take Care!:)

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Oh congratulations!! And happy listening!

Shea's Mom said...

Wow, great advise. I am going to go looking for that on the Apple site: volume limiter!

I will post about it so that others can get access to it easier.



Anonymous said...


Password-protected volume limit controls
To help prevent hearing loss that may occur when listening to audio at high volume over long periods of time through earphones, all currently available iPod models include volume limit controls allowing you to easily set the maximum listening volume. You can protect the maximum volume with a password, so it cannot be changed without permission.

Here you go! :)

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