Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dazzling Ornamental groundcover: Ajuga

I just had to share one of my favorite ground covers, Ajuga, because it is blooming right now.

Blooming? And how!

This is a very versatile plant, easy to grow and even easier to encourage it to cover hard to deal with spots in your yard or garde.

In shade or sun it does well and needs very shallow soil depths. It's dark green and burgundy folage creeps along, filling in well and then come May - hold on to your hat!

Beautiful, deep blue spike tower blooms, thick vigorous foliage with little or no fussy care. Flowers stay a good long time and absolutely pack a whollop of color in those very hard to deal with spots.

After flowering, they will die back a bit and will get a little droopy in the full scorch of summer. They may even look like they aren't going to make it. But, give them a good full winter and lots of water in the spring and they will bounce right back.

It is a very easy plant to transplant. So spread them around!


Holly Nappi Collins said...

Wow, I love it. Love the color! It actually looks like Salvia (something that I plant), but none of my plants are blooming yet!!

Shea's Mom said...

You're right. Looks a lot like Salvia, isn't anything like it. One big difference; no fragrance. Where as Salvia is very fragrant. Also, Salvia is later in the year, near the hot, hot part of summer. Ajuga is early and is droopy when Salvia is hopping.

But, it is very hard to tell the difference from my less than stellar photos.

Happy gardening!

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