Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gag order or my kid told me to shut up

I knew it would happen eventually. My oldest told me to stop blogging about her. So, here I am...trying not to blog about her.

She read a bunch of posts on my blog last night and was mad at me. Too much stuff about her. She is at that easily embarrassed age. She is right and I feel bad.

So, no more tid bits about her unless they are authorized.

I will miss it but she asked me and I need to honor her request.


Holly Nappi Collins said...

I imagine some kids would feel this way, however, you do write very nice things about her... from a mom's standpoint. Nick alost caught me once writing about him, but I shut the computer before he could read... he doesn't know about blogs, but he would have thought it was an email and would have asked a lot of questions...

Scattered Mom said...

It is a bit of a fine line when blogging about our kids, isn't it? I'm very open with Hubs and Jake about my posts. I ask them if it's okay that I tell their story, and then will let them read it before I publish. What I try to keep in mind is that what I publish will stay with Jake for life, so I respect his "no, Mom, please don't write that."

Most of the time I'm given the green light-and sometimes I may change things a teeny bit so that it's not so embarrassing, but funny instead.

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