Thursday, May 14, 2009

End of school year-itus

It could be called "senior-itus". Or, "just can't wait to get out of school for the summer-itus", if you don't happen to be a senior. But, there is something mighty prevalent at and around the schools these days.

Concentration is difficult. There are all these special occasion activities disrupting the normal flow. Normal Flow? Out the window.

I know we only have a month left of school but this started as soon the the WASL was finished.

WASL is what our state calls the big gargantuan standardized test that each school's performance is tied to. It takes 2 full weeks. And, after the hype and the stress and then the relief, it is nearly impossible to get the kid brains focused back on the business at hand.

Unless of course the business at hand is to kill time until summer vacation.

It's like the kids have already moved onto the next grade, at least, mentally. Maybe it is really hitting me this year because there is all this transition stuff going on about the oldest going to middle school next year.

They are all a little bit more squirrelly than usual. Sort of like they see the end of the tunnel and are making a mad sprint for it. Day light lasts making bed times hard to keep. Good weather, if we are lucky enough to have any, would make it hard to come inside at all; let alone do homework, practice violin, pull together the library books that are over due, etc.

It is only a month more but it is a hell of a month! Somewhere in there, we need to pull together a Night of the Notables report and corresponding presentation board on Groucho Marx. Countless "end of year" parties and strangely a birthday party every other weekend from here on out. Man, the calendar is getting really tight.

And, to be perfectly honest, I am getting a little summer-itus myself. Not like its a vacation for me but I have caught it too!

So, here's to the sprint to the finish. Pace yourself folks! We are going to need our energy for the next round.

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Holly Nappi Collins said...

Same here. Actually my son has had it for a month now and he still has a month to go... I remember this feeling as a kid too, it's really tough!

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