Saturday, May 23, 2009

Abstinence only or teen pregnancy?

Is Bristol Palin promoting abstinence only or teen pregnancy with this cover shot? Darn good question. Really, REALLY hard to tell. Read more about it here.

Hey there girls? If there is any confusion...uh...don't do what she did ok? You know, the lack of birth control part!


Anonymous said...

To me it is sort of like when B Spears Mom was going to write a book on Christian Parenting. Some people should just shut up.

Shea's Mom said...


deirdre said...

Yeah, I saw this at the grocery store this evening and had the same reaction...uh, just what ARE you trying to say? "girls would NEVER do this if they saw how much work it is...except look how cute we are on the cover of People Magazine!

I wish people would develop the sophistication to separate out and discuss the inevitable love you'll feel for your child no matter what the circumstances versus the opportunity cost of an early life baby - for both the parents (mom) and the child. Loving your precious sweetie doesn't negate the impact having a child at 18, or earlier, to your future.

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