Monday, May 18, 2009

Bake sale anyone?

Our little school district has a budget shortfall of almost a million dollars for next year. Therefore 9 teachers have gotten the ax. These are sad, tough times for public education.

Our school board has approved a fund raising effort to try to help. They are asking each parent to chip in $150 per kid they have in school. And, they are passing the hat in the community. They are seeking volunteers to call 25 people to hassle them about the money. Or perhaps more diplomatically phrased; remind them of the dire straights our school district is in.

Frankly, I am not sure how successful this is going to be. It's not like we are unique. School districts around the state and country are hurting and purging teachers.

Our community has about 5,000 households. That would take every single household donating $200. I suppose it is worth a shot.

But, I sure would like to see some of that boundless creativity put to work to raise some money. Can we please be a little more creative than just asking for a check?

Will I send a check? Yes. But, I am not going to call and hassle anyone about it. People are hurting out there and I am not going to put the screws on someone who maybe just got laid off, is in foreclosure or just experiencing tough economic times. People know if they can give or not and I don't need to be the one to pressure them.

This is one of my pet peeves. Can we please come up with ANOTHER fund raising idea other than an auction or a phone-a-thon?

These are unprecedented times, calling for unprecedented fund raising measures.

So, when I say bake sale, I am serious. Or a talent show or an art sale or an fun run or whatever. Or all of the above, repeatedly. The point being someone may be able to donate a plate of brownies but not a $150 check. Someone may be able to donate time to coordinate an event but not a check. Someone might be able to come up with a really good idea for a fund raiser if the barn doors where blown off and everyone was thinking outside the normal box!

Or may be we should institute a state income tax so that we can fund public education properly!

But, since that isn't happening. Those of us who can, will whip out our checkbooks, write the check and send it in. There. Our responsibility is done.

Or is it?


Anonymous said...

In our comminuty we have a few intersections that seem nearly all the population has to travel on once or twice daily. During the Muscular Dystropher fund raising time Firemen stand in the intersection with boots and ask for donations (They are cool when you cannot because they understand). In your area the road just where the ferrys drop off and the cars roll on the islands would be a perfect spot to have people set up to ask for donations (Use like a papermache apple for people to drop there money in, keep it from becoming tacky and show that the parents are concerned about there kids (Do not let it be a play ground) Get PTA support, have the school mascots out there, The school band, cheer leaders, show a force, Memorial day is coming and lots of ferry traffic.
XOX :)

Shea's Mom said...

Right you are! How come an anonymous person can come up with creative ideas but the existing school board can't seem to?

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