Wednesday, May 20, 2009

T-ball: rock piles and drawing in the dirt

Shea seems to be enjoying T-ball. They have settled into a good groove. He is by far NOT the worst player on the team. Or the best. Which is a nice safe place to be.

Baseball at this age group is pretty counter intuitive. Most of the play are sort of like this:

"Ok, stand there, swing! Run, run, run! Stop. Stay there. Pay attention. Stay there. Stay there. Run, run, run!'re out."

All of the 5 years olds are playing with a good healthy dose of "huh?" running through it all. But, of course, there are plenty of (too many in fact) adults around to tell them what to do.

A favorite past time for the players is Rock Pile while waiting for someone to hit a ball to them. Sometimes Rock Pile can get so engrossing the ball whizzes right by them. They don't mind, really. "Just look at this excellent Rock Pile!" It is not considered that the rock pile will inevitably trip them or one of their team member up the next time around. And it does.

Another favorite is Dirt Doodle; could be letters or just random drawing. Hard to tell at times. This one gets engrossing too. Sometimes "beloved sticks" are included in this game. Until, of course, a ball is hit and whole swarm of adults start yelling. At least these don't trip up the players.

Despite us grown up idiots, they seem to be having fun. Thank god they are such good sports about us.

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