Thursday, May 7, 2009

The politics of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

When I started this blog, I specifically didn't want to have it be politics heavy. Even though I live and breath liberal politics on a day to day basis, I had no intention for my blog to be politically focused. There are many, many, MANY political blogs out there and there is nothing that I could say better than any of those people.

But, one thing I was always going to allow myself was to post political cartoons and satire that I liked and enjoyed. As a life long liberal, I know that laughter is not only the best medicine, it may be the only medicine when times are tough. Like the last 8 years.

So, as you may know, every once in awhile I post a political cartoon because it is funny or apt or a perfect example of how a picture says 1,000 words.

So what. Right?

I got this anonymous comment today attached to a cartoon about Souter retiring from the Supreme Court.

"You should leave the politics off of your site - the kids are much more interesting. It's also such a cliche to be liberal on Vashon. Show some independence of thought."

RE: "The kids are much more interesting." Isn't that the truth! But, then again I am so biased!

But, I have to say, I was a liberal long before I moved to Vashon, cliche or not. I was unwittingly breathing tear gas just trying to get home from work during the Seattle WTO protests. Maybe that hit of tear gas made me more politically active or maybe it was watching the police beat the crap out of an unarmed protester but that is not what specifically sent me to the island.

I moved here for the public schools and the rural setting. Lots of liberals were a bonus. But, then again, we weren't lacking for liberals in West Seattle either.

Frankly, I love somewhat snarky comments! I makes things much more interesting. Plus, it must mean I am hitting a nerve! Good. I have always felt that life is way too short to be a boring conformist.

But, why must we think politics needs to stay in it's stinky little corner? Every time I blog about public education I am talking politics. Every time I blog about human dignity, mutual respect and diversity, I am touching on political issues. As a parent I better be a political animal. As a special parent I sure as heck better be a political animal. All the better to advocate!

Maybe if more parents saw their day to day life in "political" terms we wouldn't be in the deep, deep ugly hole we are in right now.

So, to all of you who know me: I am a liberal. I am unapologetic. I live on Vashon. Coincidence? Who gives a shit. Lacking in "independent thought"? You must not know me very well.

For those of you who don't know me; I am a liberal, I like political cartoons, I like thinking about making the world a better place.

Problems with that? Snark away!

Or, as a famous recent war-criminal president said, "Bring 'em on!"

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deirdre said...

You said it sister! All politics are local; all life is politics.

And what could affect us all more than the composition of the land's highest court?

Since we have allowed Civics to go the way of the dinosaurs, our citizens have divorced their day-to-day lives from the political and handed over the keys of policy to corporations and their lobbyists.

I say, slip your cliche Vashon values in whenever the spirit moves you-

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