Wednesday, April 22, 2009

T-ball and my team sports anxiety

Well, it is official.

Shea is signed up for T-ball which is the precursor to baseball. The ball sits on the "T" hence "T-ball". Where the heck have I been?

I was never really a team sports kinda gal. Or any kind of sports kinda gal for that matter. And, Molly didn't really take to it either. We had one truly excruciating season trying soccer and both Molly and I decided, "Never again!" Something about the rain and cold, the running, the being kicked in the face with a ball. Those things add up.

So, she likes things like tennis, skating and gymnastics.

But, Shea is a completely different little animal. This kid was practically ready for sports on day one. For all his lack of mouth coordination, he makes up for with acute eye/hand coordinating and pin point accuracy throwing and kicking.

If there ever was a kid where sports may be a saving grace, it just may be Shea.

Because Jake is a sort-of jock strap, I land the team sports duty directly in his lap. So, Friday evenings, after being stuck in a car all day going to see Bubble, Shea will have T-ball practice. Games will probably be on Saturdays.

Jake will take him and hang out. We haven't warned anyone yet about the speech delay. It may not matter in this setting but Jake will be there to translate if necessary.

His theory being that the less said about it, the less of a problem it is. Ok. I will bite and see how it turns out.

Hope he gets on a team with his buddies. But, even if he doesn't, we are hoping and rooting for the best.


Anonymous said...

He will be fine! Not many words needed for baseball, just the spirit and the coordination which sounds like he has. I was the Vice President for our little league for 3 years and on the board for 6 and have seen all types of kids and it is all about fun at his age. Let him choose his sports he wants to play and be supportive (Even if it is cold and rainy welcome to washington). There is nothing more exciting to a kid than seeing you at his game even if you are in a blanket and have an umbrella. When he gets older and still has the baseball drive (he will have the drive I do not doubt) Little league will begin in February and games get snowed out.
It sounds like you already understand it is all about the kids and us being parents supporting them one warning and please, please do not become a drop off parent no matter how old they are. There will be a time when he is much older and you as the parent become the true spectator and clap in the crowd because the coach will become the true boss and in some way un approachable for you, you still need to be part of his life. Be at the practice sit under a tree and read a book, he will know you are there believe me. This is my very 1st year since my boys were 4 that I do not have the ring of the bats or the slap of a ball in a mitt in my ear and it is very hard for me. My one son at home has decided to move onto Spring Basketball vs Spring Baseball (I hate basketball it is like fingers on a chalk board for me but he and his mother absolutly love it and he is great at it even if he is my son!). Come summer though the other sport begins Football, and my life will again be better, training begins in July and practices start in August games in September through Novemeber (I am the defensive line coach). For my son he says there is nothing more exciting for him to look at the side line and see all the parents and grandparents watch them (It is well over 100 people that roll in when our team is playing). My point be involved, coach, volenteer to work consession or be the equipment manager for the leagues he plays in. You will meet all kinds of parents and your social pool will grow. You will be part of his life.
My senior year of high school was my 1st year to have stopped playing organized sports and did not get back into it until my kids started to play again and I regreted it. (I stopped because my mother was so loud it was embarassing her idea of support was yelling things that were not quite supportive but she thought it was, I have always made sure to not become my mother for that very reason) Take Care!

Shea's Mom said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I do know that sports can open up and healthy attitude and dynamic in kids that may not be reached in other ways.

I am encouraged by your enthusiasm and obvious heart.

Thank you so much for your input.

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