Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The "sick even though it's sunny" blues

Even though the weather is beautiful, Shea is still sick, feverish and hurting on the couch.

We saw the doctor yesterday, no ear infection but a lot of fluid in his ears causing a lot of pressure. She prescribed ear drops; 3 drops in the evening for 3 days.

For a kid who usually has a high tolerance for pain, Shea lays on the couch whimpering. He colapses on top of me and dozes, reminding me of when he was a little tiny thing although he seems such a big boy now.

The fevers seem to spike in the evenings which is the worst time. And, he is somewhat normal in the morning. He spent some time outside yesterday but slow and frail, not his usual exuberant self.

I look at his little face and it is thin and pale. He hasn't really eaten anything since last Friday; just fluids.

The doctor said there was an influenza going around with high temps and body aches. I know that his body will become stronger after he works his way through this. Rationally, I know that he will be fine in a while but for now I feel vulnerable and tense with waiting. Waiting for him to feel better.


deirdre said...

Yup, this is a tough one - really seems to sap their energy. Maybe a sun therapy in the late AM, then couch surfing during the heat of the day, resting. He'll get there.

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Oh, I'm sure you do. I hated it when my kids were/are sick and not eating, etc... but he will get better... and spring will actually make a show... not sure about the weather where you are on the west coast... East is not getting spring!!!

Carol said...

I hope Shea feels better soon. Try to rest when he's resting!

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