Monday, April 20, 2009

Nice to meet you finally!

When I was pregnant with Shea, we went off island to get the ultrasound done. We decided to take Molly out of school for the day so that she could "see" the baby in my tummy too. Sort of an educational experience. Now, she says she doesn't even remember it.

Miraculously, the ultrasound got a real good shot of in-utero Shea. Such a good shot that you could actually see his face, expression, eyebrows, etc. Uncanny, really.

5 years ago today, he came out of the secret trap door in mommy's tummy. Scheduled C-section due to my first being an emergency C-section.

He was a week early and was covered in that waxy-lotiony covering. Sorry I forget what it is called. But, he was almost completely white with it all over him.

When I first saw Shea, I recognized him from the picture and felt like we were meeting again.

Aha! There you are! Where you been?


Henry's mom said...

Happy Birthday Shea!

Holly Nappi Collins said...

So sweet.. I love remembering when my kids were born: c-sections too.

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