Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday little man!

Busy, busy day. Frosted cupcakes this morning. It turned into a sticky, delicious, messy art project. I tried not to think about people actually eating them after all the handling.

Met up with a herd of kids at the Vashon Theatre for the movie. I spent most of the time trying to unravel 30 balloons strings but the movie (Cars) was a huge success.

Shea sat in the front row with 2 buddies, rooting and grooving at all the vehicular action going on.

Near the end, he jumped up with good pal, Mack, to dance to Route 66. I have to admit I was doing some toe tapping myself as I nursed my cricked neck from sitting too close to the screen.

Yeah! Movie is over, hand out balloons, folks hustled off to enjoy the rest of a beautiful sunny Saturday. We lugged out an indecent pile of presents and headed home for the a fore mentioned cupcakes.

Sugar buzz effecting us all but managed to work some of it off running around outside, doing some weeding, etc. Pretty tired now and watching a movie. Getting ready to hit the sack soon.

Nice day, nice party, nice friends, nice town.

You only turn 5 once!


Holly Nappi Collins said...

Happy Birthday, Shea!!

Henry's mom said...

Happy 5th Birthday Shea!

Sounds like it was a HUGE hit at the movies! What fun.

Heidi on Vashon said...

I thought this was your Shea when I saw it! Cool.

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