Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday season and the joy of cupcakes

Must be a popular time of the year to born! Birthdays, birthdays, everywhere birthdays these days.

Because my kid is allergic to pretty much everything birthday treat related except chocolate (thank god!), we are spending a lot of time these days trying to run interference.

Cupcakes at school are common. And, who could blame them! It is so fun to bring treats for all your school buddies but, of course, Shea is allergic to cupcakes. To be specific wheat, gluten, eggs, soy, whey, rye, barley, peanuts. It has to be a pretty creative cupcake to not have any of those things in it.


We have had a few slip ups where the teacher forgot to warn us and he ate the contraband cupcake. Sure enough, that weird swoony, head rolling, keening, distracted Shea swims back to us out of the gluten fog. It only takes a day or two for him to normalize but it sure does remind us why we go through the enormous hassle of his wheat/gluten free diet.

But, the teachers, bless their hearts, are well trained now. Tomorrow; another cupcake fest will happen. I will supply a special "sanctioned" treat for Shea to eat. I doubt if it will bother him too much although it might. If I was a fly on the wall I would be able to find out for sure. Tempting. He loves these WOW cookies that I have profiled before and he'll get a whole one to himself. So, I hope he will not complain too much or feel left out.

So, obviously no cupcakes for his birthday which is barreling right down on us. What is it about kids birthdays? Man, we pile on the goodies. Why? Because it is fun, that is why!

We have decided to rent the Vashon Theatre for the party. We can invite 30 pals who will get a popcorn/candy/drink combination as we watch the movie "Cars". Where else would you feel brave enough to invite 30 4 and 5 year olds? Needless to say, no cupcakes. After the movie, I will give all the kids a little gift bag or maybe a balloon tied to some bubbles soap and then Adios!

We will come back to our house and have a gluten free cake of my making, sing the famous song, blow out 5 candles, play with the haul of new toys that he doesn't need and remember back to exactly 5 years ago this very minute.

It will be fun. There will be chocolate. And, there will be memories.

Happy birthday, indeed.

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