Monday, April 27, 2009

Monsters & Aliens with Nostalgia Sublime

Caught the new Dream Works animation, Monsters & Aliens, over the weekend with the kids.

I liked it. It was a bit....military-ish but fun with a good over all message. Shea really LOVED Bob, the blue blob guy; giggling uncontrollably every time he was visible. I have to agree. He was pretty darn cute and lovable for a one eyed blue blob.

Stephen Colbert makes an appearance via voice over as The President. Who else could he be?

And, anyone who knows me, knows I love anything Colbert, even his latest Patriotic Tune, Blown Away by the USA. But, I have to say even though he was good as the president, I really missed his wacky, smirky face and ultra-flexible eyebrows and hope he doesn't devote too much time to voice over work.

Warning: some potty humor. Just enough to enthrall the tween set.

Ok. Nostalgia Sublime time.


What early 1980s song makes a brief cameo in Monsters & Aliens just before The President encounters the Alien probe for the first time?


I horrified my children and husband by singing it at dinner tonight. Had to pull it up on Youtube to show them how darn cool we really were back then! Proved it by boogying around the living room. Hey...still got it!

1982!!!!! 27 years ago?

What did we do before Youtube?

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Holly Nappi Collins said...

Military-ish, oh good, then Nick would love it!! He is actually waiting with bated breath for X-men (yeah, any and all superheroes, violent or not!!) And no matter how you try to protect them from it, it's inevitable!

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