Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The feedbag is "ON"

Shea is clearly making up for lost meals. While sick, he literally ate nothing. I had to force juice down him every hour or so just so he wouldn't get dehydrated.

But, now his appetite is back...with a vengeance.

Shea has always been a picky, light eater but will surge during a growth spurt then level back off.

His extensive food allergies only adds to the craziness.

Protein has always been a challange because he didn't seem to like meats. Something about the texture was too much for him. He is allergic to soy and peanuts. So, we have kept him eating cheese even though he has a whey sensitivity. But, last night for dinner, he arrived an exuberant carnivore. Asking for, eating and asking for more barbecued steak. The first of the outdoor cooking season!

We all marveled as he chowed it down. The texture not seeming to bother him as he chewed it up good.

He is growing fast and he is playing hard. Maybe this is just a passing thing. Or maybe as he gains more control of his mouth he is able to handle and enjoy different food textures.

Hard to know.

But, for now, the feed bag is on and he is a stellar member of the "clean plate club".

1 comment:

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Well that's so great!! and wow youre barbecuing already!! Lucky you!

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