Friday, April 3, 2009

Getting sick awful quick

I can usually see the illnesses coming. Shea or Molly will have a few sneezes then the sniffles and pretty soon they are sick but it takes a couple days for it to completely take over.

Today, Shea bounced out of bed his normal spunky self. It was our normal Friday run to Seattle to see Bubble. So, we got the ferry with no problem and took a pre-speech Costco run. Shea was good, flirting with the cashier, checking out books, helping out.

Then as if a ton a brick hit him he was sick. Not barfy, not hot but droopy and tired. He was tuckered all the way to Bubble's house and just wasn't himself.

We tried to have the session anyway because we came all that way but Shea spent most of the time curled up in my lap or hiding under the little table filling his diaper.

Bubble and I had some things to discuss because the IEP meeting is coming right up on us so it was not time wasted. But, on the way back to the ferry Shea slept! In fact, he slept all the way home which is pretty rare.

And, by the time we got him home he was hot, real hot. 101 degrees! Dose him quick. And, wierdly he was whimpering and holding his left cheek. I asked him what hurt and he pointed to his left cheek. What? Inside or outside? Not his ear but his cheek. What could that be?

Of course, it is Friday evening so a doctor's appointment is pretty much not on the books until tomorrow at the earliest.

We'll keep an eye on him, keep the fever down and pump him full of liquids. But, this one just came out of the blue.

Just when you think you are trotting along at a pretty good pace, bang, schedule change the kid is sick.


Henry's mom said...

Poor Shea, I hope he feels better soon.

Isn't funny how illness comes on out of nowhere sometimes. Everything seems fine, then bam it hits.

I remember years ago that happening to me, it was awful.

Good luck getting better this weekend,


deirdre said...

Sounds like an ear infection to me. Do you have garlic drops? We do if you need them.

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