Friday, April 17, 2009

Do you want to lick the bowl?

Did you lick the bowl when you were a kid? Mmmm, cake batter.

And, remember how we freaked out because of the raw egg? Well, no worries about that this time.

Shea and I made cupcakes tonight. I found a cake mix that is wheat, peanut, dairy, egg free. All you add is water, vanilla and vegetable oil. Some of these mixes can be scary but this one seems ok.

I got frosting too but I thought we could frost and decorate cupcakes with both the kids tomorrow. I got M&M's, Shea's favorite, to decorate.

The cake mix came from a Burlington, MA company called Cherrybrook Kitchen.

Judging by the enthusiasm that Shea cleaned that bowl, we may have found the perfect birthday cake replacement.

I will update with the results.

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