Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have been playing the Opposites word game with Shea lately.

You know:

Me: Shea, what is the opposite of tall?

Shea: Little

Me: Yes, or how about short.

We go through it a few times and he will get it. Repetition. Repetition.

Some are easy for him:

Me: Black

Shea: White

Some really surprised me:

Me: Opposite of forward

Shea: Backward

I was delighted that he could get that one.

Then tonight:

Me: Opposite of sweet

Shea: Icky

Ha! There is that family sweet tooth!

Me: Opposite of no

Shea: On

Interesting that he must have seen "no" in his mind and reversed the letters and read it back to me.

Pretty cool that his reading is coming on so well. And, vocabulary.

Enunciation is still the tough one.

1 comment:

deirdre said...

That No and On really blows me away. You've probably got yourself the ultimate Visual Spatial kid.

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