Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Math is cool

Here we go again.

Word just came down the pike. Molly was chosen for the 5th grade Math is Cool team scheduled to compete on April 24th. They were chosen from a series of tests and competition over the past couple of weeks.

Pretty stressful actually. Last year they just chose names out of a hat. Molly didn't know if she had a good chance or not. I suspected but kept my mouth shut.

There are 16 kids chosen for the competition with 2 alternates out of 30 kids total.

Molly, while she was anxiously waiting to hear the final picks, figured out the chances of her being chosen.

18 out of 30 or 3/5 or 60%

Pretty good odds actually.

Good luck to Molly and the whole team.


Holly Nappi Collins said...

Oh yes, Good Luck to Molly!!

Scattered Mom said...

Yay Molly!

I am SO bad at math. It's well known among the kids that I work with that it's the one subject they DON'T ask me for help with.

I mess up adding with a calculator, even. LOLOL!

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