Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gotta good alarm clock?

God I love to sleep in.

Scratch that.

God I love sleeping in and being able to read in bed for a bit until Shea wakes up and comes downstairs to get a snuggie in the big bed. Ahh...the calm before the storm. A somewhat guilty pleasure but payment for those long summer days with the kids.

Soon, very soon, that all goes away.

School starts on Tuesday; six days from now. And Middle schoolers need to be at school early. Like 7:50 early. Ok, almost 8:00 but she'll have be up by 6:45 AM.

That is too early!

And, all because they don't have enough buses to do all the kids at the same time. The high school and middle school are first then the elementary run is done. The little kids start at 9:00.

Doesn't that suck!

A lot of parents are annoyed. It remains to be seen just how annoyed I am. I will report back.

But, we are on the hunt for a good alarm clock.


Holly said...

Oh join my team my friend. Nick just started high school and since it's further away from his last school, he has to be up at 5:45 and out the door and 6:25.... yuck!

Do as I do once in a while, sneak a nap!!

Shea's Mom said...

Holy x-mas! What happened to teens needing more sleep?


Anonymous said...

There was an experimantal program my cousin (as you know my family is big and spread out with age) who is now 21 when he went to Nathan Hale in Lake City was a program that had them start later because the studies have shown that younger kids naturally get up earlier and go to bed earlier and the high schoolers do need more sleep. The problem that did come across and this is only because they were the only school doing this program is they got out later which effected the programs that had them interacting with other schools (Sports...)
I have tried to find out what has been published from the study but have not had any luck.
Smitch :)

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